Bulbs to bouquets

BFA447D5-D9D8-4E59-BD34-6C13AADA958EFriends.  You need to know something about me.  Plants and I have a very dysfunctional relationship.  I kill them and they die.  We are obviously both at fault here.

This October we moved to a new house.  My husband, who is not at odds with plants, invited me to help him with some Tulip bulbs.

I have never done this before.  I have never planted something and had to wait for it to bloom.

Putting that bulb in the ground on a windy day in October was almost spiritual to me.  I planted the bulb, and then knew I’d have to wait all the way to March to see if it would make it.

And TODAY it came up!! After all this time.  I was amazed.  So much has happened in our lives since October.  But there was that seed, planted long ago…and it all of a sudden bloomed in its full beauty.

This reminds me of God.  Of hard relationships.  Of kids that seem to not get it, or young adults that walk away from Jesus, or sin that grabs and entangles us and pulls us down.


Parents, we have to plant it.  We have to plant the news that Jesus is FOR US.  That he speaks to us today.  That he is full of love and grace and mercy.  And always wants to be near you.  That seed is the greatest thing we can plant in our children. In our friends.  And in those that need our love.

Even if we must wait and wait and wait for the bloom.
BULBS TO BOUQUETS…God uses nature to tell his story to us.  Are we listening?



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