Pandemic and the Spectrum

Happy Tuesday blog readers.  It’s been a while.

It’s getting close to Back to School time and I wanted to share some helpful resources with you.

My 9 year old has Aspergers (as most of you know).  If you or your kiddos fall anywhere on the Spectrum, I absolutely understand that this pandemic has been a very challenging time.

It’s been a challenging time for all of humanity, actually.

2020 – One star. I do not recommend.  (I saw that on a t-shirt and I want it.)

For us, the things that helps P the most, typically, with balancing his mind and body are…

  1.  A schedule (that’s out the window)
  2. people (that’s limited)
  3. hard jobs – exercise, movement, biking, sensory input…  (It’s August in the south and it’s blazing hot, and our usual activities of roller coaters and trampoline parks are not working for us in Covid-days).

Also, the unexpected isn’t easy for anyone, but for our Autism Spectrum friends, it’s THE WORST (I almost typed literally the worst, but P would have corrected me, because it’s not LITERALLY the worst.  Being eaten alive by a shark would be worse).  Interrupted school, sports, social groups, church… nothing is, or can be, set in stone.  The plan is sort of always fluid.

Our school district has done an incredible job trying to stay one step ahead.  I give them all the kudos, and the blessing, and all the prayers.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL, and they are moving through the world with grace and care.  Bless you teachers!!!

Our incredible Speech Path gave me some resources that are helpful for navigating these changes with Kids on the Spectrum.  All kids can benefit from these social stories and resources.  Social stories have changed the world for P, and I love them too.  Social stories are basically stories of expectations in cartoon form.  Sometimes, I even draw them for P, and if you’ve ever seen me draw, you know it’s bad, but somehow he still likes them.

Check out

They have social stories related to “Greetings at School during COVID-19, Riding the bus during COVID-19, When can I stop wearing a mask, and on and on.  It’s a great resource!!

Check it out friends and good luck in your back to school plans whatever they may be!  Be kind.  Encourage a teacher.

Blessings –


(If you are commenting or replying on Social Media, I’m trying to move out of that space during this current time, so I may not reply there…even though this blog will link.  Reply here or by email for correspondence.  Thanks for helping me with my new resolve to be “Less social media content oriented.” )