My 9 year old’s journal of Covid-19

P’s Covid-19 Diary

Day 1: (March 17, 2020)

I’m really scared of the Coronavirus.  Will I get it? I feel really sad my birthday party is delayed and maybe even camp will be.  That stupid frickin’ virus!  If only it could be gone.  I’m wanting to find a cure to it.  Children if you read this and you are under the age of 8, do not look at the word frickin’.

Day 2: 

It’s Corona season still and it’s bugging me!  If it weren’t for it, we would still be in Colorado skiing.  Darn that Coronavirus!  It’s scaring the crap out of me!  I hate it so much! I wonder when it’s 2040 will there be a worldwide event like this? Children, once again, if you are under the age of 8, do not look at the word crap and if you are under the age of 5 do not look at the word hate.

Day 3:

Day 3 of Outbreak.  It’s almost my birthday – how am I going to celebrate it? God turned water into wine so could I use some junk as my birthday presents to myself? Or maybe my family does it? Children, there are no more bad words.  So sorry.  

*Note from mom.  P wanted Jesus to turn junk into birthday presents like he did water into wine. 

Day 4:

Yay!  We are getting a new trampoline!  I can’t believe this.  This is so exciting.  It’s going to be a heck of a time. I wonder what trampoline I will get my children? (Who are definitely reading this!)

Day 7 (Not 4)

It’s almost my birthday!!!  YAY!!  Mom told me to write somethings about God giving us gifts and even thought I don’t wasn’t to, Mom says I have to so here’s what I will write…I wonder what gifts God will give my children? (I’m saying this awkwardly) 

**Note from mom:  I think he meant “I’m saying this sarcastically”.

Day 8

It’s kind getting boring around here.  There is nothing to do.  I wish the Coronavirus gets cured at the beginning of summer but can it happen? I am excited to go to Disney World!  (In the Fall)

Day 10

It’s almost my birthday!  I’m excited! I wonder what I’ll get?  Maybe a game? I’m just really excited!!!!!!!  (100,000 more !!!!! to go… That is one of them.) 

Day 11

I’m so close to being 9.  I wanted a $60.00 Apple Gift card, but Reese says it’s too late now.  But throwing that off subject, I’m really excited.  I like trains!  (I got that off a you tube video)

Day 14

My birthday has passed and I am sad.  Summer is coming and I am really excited about it.  When the coronavirus is cured I am going to be so happy.

Day 15

We are in Bible time again, and I’m cool with it.  My dad told us a story about him going duck hunting and him getting on a boat and a really bad storm.  But, I’m glad God let dad live.  We read something similar about that, what I just said so…YAY (that he is still alive!)

Day 16

We talked about the heaven and earth and what it would look like when God slays Satan.  I think that is going to be cool and pretty.

Day 17

God has been talking to his disciples and they didn’t understand any of it! I don’t know why!  If I had a time machine I would go back in time and be God’s 13th  disciple. 

Day 20

We have to do school today and we were not sure how it would be. Well, we will find out in 1 minute and 24 seconds but for now I will tell you about my very top secret monopoly strategy..oops out of time. 

April 9, 2020


We thought about making a tree house.  I don’t know how long it will take.  But I hope it is awesome!  (Tree house drawing on back)

April 10, 2020

Day ???

We read Love Does for the 2nd time and when the kids said they were leaving home for the first time they stayed in the back yard?  They took a lot of non-healthy snacks and I bet it was all tons of junk! At least they got a lot of fruit snacks!  (After one day they returned)

April 11, 2020

We read in the Bible the story of Jesus getting killed and I like it/don’t!  We have to go on a run again and I would like to ask mom something about it. 

April 13, 2020

We read another Bob Golf story and yesterday we got Brova team!  It’s a game that is really fun! I hope this will end soon!  Coronavirus, not the Brova team.  

April 14, 2020

Nothing exciting is really happening right now.  It’s getting kinda lonely.  I miss my normal life.  I WANT IT BACK! Now for my strategy to winning Telestrations.  Oops out of time!  Even though there is really one minute left. Ha!

April 16, 2020

I don’t have much to say.  My reaper nerf gun in coming soon!  YAY!  Kanakuk is around the corner.  The virus has to be cured by then!  Nothing else to say.  Sorry.  Bye bye!  Yeeeeeeeee! 

April 27, 2020

Day 42!  Wow I knew that!!!  We are back home (from Carlton Landing) and I don’t like it!  I liked being on vacation, cuz I don’t have to run and type.  I wish this to be over tomorrow!

April 28, 2020

Mom told me K1 is going to be canceled.  Whaaaaaa????  This frickin’ crap virus is so STUPID!  Once again do not look at frickin’ if you are 8 and for stupid under 4.

**Mom note:  I said there is a chance it could be canceled. 

April 29, 2020

It’s morning and I have to run again and I don’t want to.  I wish I could run on the treadmill cuz I can listen to music.  And mom in this whole calendar (Mom note: not sure this word?) won’t let us once!  ONCE!!!!!!!  And here are three reasons why.  1.  I get to listen to music.  2.  No up hills or downhills, just straight.  3.  Oops, out of time. 

May 4, 2020

I am almost getting Midis!  (Mom note: not sure about this word but it’s a Fortnight character I think). Only 8 more tears left (of fortnight)!  I am so excited!  My reaper set came too!  It’s very cool.  I love you.  Bye. 

May 5, 2020

We got the Battle Pass and it is cool!  When my kids are reading this, tell me if Fortnite is still a good game? OK? Now I love you good nite!  (Or morning or afternoon)

May 8, 2020

We have saw friends for the first time!  YAY!  My family talked about Judas’s death and I think something funny about it.  (Check the back) 

Mom note:  he drew a gross picture of Judas’s skull cracking open because it was gross and shocking.

May 11, 2020

We are on the last week, weak, week,  of school and I love it!!!  Tonight I get the house to myself!  YAY!  (Mom note:  Not sure what he’s talking about).  Draw now to get 100,000 V bucks.  Oops, out of time. 


Storm Tossed

Well, here in Oklahoma we are open, but not normal. Still sifting through data and procedures. Knowing we can’t stay inside forever, and also knowing that the virus isn’t gone. A weird in-between that feels almost more exhausting to me. Decisions are unclear. There isn’t a right answer. Basically…we are storm tossed. I am storm tossed.

Today my kids and I were reading John 12. In the Message it says that Jesus said….”Right now I am storm tossed. And what am I going to say? Father get me out of this? No, this is why I came in the first place. I’ll say, “father put your glory on display.”

These words CUT ME DEEP. I have prayed, “Father get us out of this” a million times over the past 7 weeks. I want to be done with Covid. To be not worried about my parents. To not second guess every decision I make. GET. ME. OUT. OF.THIS. Pretty please. And I know he hears that prayer.

But then, his words go deeper. Jesus got it. I struggle to know this in my person. I have to read his words and REMEMBER.

Remember that I was created for a DISTINCT purpose, not created for ease. And that purpose is to put God’s glory on display. It’s the reason I exist in the first place. It’s why I’m here. I’m not like Jesus, but we do have the same family purpose. PUT GOD’S GLORY ON DISPLAY.

Put him on display not after the storm. Or before the storm. But when you are STORM TOSSED. When I am second guessing. When I’m mad. And worried. And angry. And OH SO WEARY. I’m so weary y’all. This has been HARD. That is real. It’s hard. I am out of my wheelhouse. And full of lots of feelings and struggles.

I don’t write this to say, hey…cover over your feelings by glorifying God. That’s not what God wants. He wants us to pour out our feelings to each other and to him, and to see THE BIG PICTURE. We are storm tossed. He is being glorified.

Press on warriors. The word of God is ALIVE AND ACTIVE. It’s our weapon against defeat.