Raising George Costanza

Hey there all you cool cats and quarantine-ers!

Well, here we are 6 weeks in to Covid season, and about to open up in Oklahoma.  I was hoping to blog every day during this time, but have been wearing too many other hats.  Teacher, chef, parole officer, deep cleaner, mask wearing grocery grabber – all the hats and masks you yourself have been wearing as well.  So, today I am ready to share with you some new, old, and previously viewed tales…

One thing I had planned on doing was looking back in our family memories for stories of my youngest son, who has Aspergers Syndrome.   He is quite a unique cross of Sheldon Cooper and George Costanza and keeps us thoroughly entertained.  While you are home, and moving slow, I thought you’d enjoy some portions of a little story I like to call


P: You know that tall boy?
Me: On your baseball team?
P: Yes, the one who’s sensitive.
Me: Sensitive?
P: Yes.
Me: Hmmm…tell me what you think sensitive means.
P: Honestly, mom…I have no idea. I just hear words, ya know.
Me: So, he’s not sensitive?
P: I told you…I don’t know what that means.
Me: Um, well, it means he has a lot of feelings, and maybe cries some.
P: Welp, he’s not sensitive. Just tall.

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