Family Devotional Day 1

Good morning everyone. We made our family quarantine/isolation/Corona virus prevention schedule today, and it included family devotional time. During our prayer time, I felt God impress on my heart to offer a daily family/kids devotional for everyone at home. So…here we go!

Day 1.

John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can not put it out.

Do you have a flashlight? Go sit in your dark closet with your mom and dad, and maybe even your stinky brother and sister. Yikes. It’s dark in here isn’t it. But if you turn on the flashlight, the darkness runs away. It’s amazing how that works.

God often uses things in the real world to tell us about the spiritual world. Do you know that Jesus is called The Light Of The World? Bad things, scary things, darkness…it all runs from him. That makes you feel less scared of the dark, doesn’t it. It does for me!

My son, Parker…who is 8…had a great analogy this morning. He said we are like flashlights, but God is the battery. He was RIGHT! We have to be able to use God’s power to shine in the darkness. We have to recharge our battery’s by reading the Bible, singing worship songs, praying, and spending time with God.

Is there something you can do today to recharge your battery and shine the light of Jesus while you are at home? Can you serve your mom and dad? Or make your sisters bed? Or color a picture for a neighbor and text it to them? Think of how you can be a LIGHT today.

Jesus is proud of you. You are his child. And he loves you.

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