Moses Supposes


The story of his life is just incredible. He was supposed to be dead as a baby. There were too many Hebrews in Egypt, and Pharaoh didn’t want a revolution. Any baby born a boy had to be thrown into the Nile. Can you imagine? Horror and injustice at such a great height.


But, Moses was found by Pharaoh’s daughter in a basket, floating in the Nile. She saved him. He grew up in the palace. In the lap of luxury.


He did not grow up as a leader. He was meek. Slow of speech and tongue. I imagine that people in the palace spoke this into his life. “You are not a leader. You cannot rally people. You speak too slowly. You will never speak in front of a crowd. You need to sit back. Be humble. Be meek. This is not you. You are not a leader.”


But God choose him as a leader. Moses says, “Who am I?” God says, “I will be with you. I AM.” Moses says, “What if they do not believe me. I have never been eloquent.” God says, “Don’t listen to what others have said about you. Listen to me! I made your mouth. I will help you speak and teach you what to say.”

As I think back to Biblical heroes, true leaders, Moses is at the front of my mind. He was a revolutionary. A true leader.

But was he?

Read Numbers 12:3 – and note that is is even AFTER he had parted the Red Sea…….(“Now Moses was a very meek man, more meek than anyone on the face of the earth.)

What I see here is that if God is going to use you to do something, you don’t have to be any “typical” way. God could have picked a natural leader. He didn’t. He picked Moses. He picked the meekest and most humble man on earth. Does not sound like the character qualities of a leader? NO! It sounds like someone I’d like, but not a revolutionary. And you know what? Moses did LEAD! And how? Through the power of God!!!

If God is impressing leadership on your heart, and you are not a natural leader… not listen to things spoken over you in your past. Listen to God. His power is made perfect in our weakness. If you don’t think you can come to church because you feel shame, don’t let shame make decisions for you. Let God! He is waiting for you. Not to scold, but to LOVE!

God chooses the meek to lead. The broken to restore. The weak to become strong.

He is writing a story in each of our lives to show his power. Let him take those places that we are ashamed of …..Take them, and make them new.

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