Literal Parker


Parker: So, dis season is Fall. Den it transforms into Winter. Den what?

Me: Then it is Spring, and then it is summer.

Parker: So, Fall transforms to winter. Winter transforms to Spring. and Spring Transforms to summer. And summer transforms to fall.

Me: Wow. Yes, right. That’s great buddy.

Parker: When is Christmas.

Me: Christmas is in Winter.

Parker: When is my birthday.

Me: You birthday is in Spring.

Parker: Oh, I’m SO excited.

Pause about 2 hours.

Parker: I can’t believe it. Today is fall. Tomorrow is winter and Christmas. And den the next day is Spring and my birthday. And, den it’s summer.

Me: Oh, no buddy. That’s not right.


Me: I’m so sorry. Maybe I didn’t explain very well. Each season is like 3 months. Um, about 90 or so days. Each season is long.

Parker: (Bawling)

Me: Oh no.

Parker: Well, change it Mommy! Fix it. Change it right now!

Me: I can’t change it, bud. I’m not in charge of that stuff. Only God is.

Parker: (more crying).

Me: (ugh…this sucks…poor guy).

Pause about 30 minutes

Me: Let’s pray before we go into school.

Parker: I want to pray today.

Me: Oh, great!

Parker: Dear God, please fix it so that winter is tomorrow. Amen.

Me: hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha


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