Literal Parker

Literal Parker 1:

Took Parker to McDonalds today. Little smartie reads the sign in his tiny voice…”Pick. Up. Here. So, how do you pick your food up on da roof? How we get up dere?”

Me:😂well, signs are kind of confusing. We pick up our food at the window. They just point you to the general area.”

Literal Parker 2:

Me: (kissing Parker’s cheeks and saying “yum yum)”

Parker: why are you eating me?

Me: because you are soooooo delicious!
Parker: I not want to be delicious.
Me: well you sure are!
P: (starts to cry) I not delicious. I smart!
Me:😂you are right buddy. Yes! You are smart…not delicious.

Literal Parker 3:

(Parker makes me and Reese laugh for the third time in a row.)

Me: Parker you are so funny! You are on a roll!

P (looks under himself): I not on a roll. I on my car seat mommy!


Literal Parker 4:

Bibby: Parker are you so excited about going to Disney World?

P: no…I just want to stay on this planet.


Literal Parker 5:

Parker: can i have some candy?

Me: maybe later

P: maybe yes. Or maybe no.

Me: maybe means you might get some.

P: yes or no.

Me: maybe


😡yes or no mom!!!!

Me:😂ok you can have some. Yes.

Literal Parker 6:

P: where we going?

Me: to see Aunt Karen and Aunt Kathy and Aunt Gayla.

P: WOW!!! Cool. Do they live underground?
Me: um no. Aunt Karen lives in a house. (Confused).
P: so are dey berry small?
Me: What? You know who they are? They are adults. We just saw them at Cafe 7?
P: oh, so dey just turned into Ants. Ants crawl on da ground. And dere habitat is underground.
Me:😂sweetie Aunts not Ants! It’s like a nickname…they are humans.

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