Family Devotional Day 7 (we skipped 5 and 6 because WEEKEND.)

Hello friends!

Today we are continuing to read John 3:22-36.

Basically what’s happening here is that John the Baptist has a group of people that follow him. And Jesus also has a group of people that follow him.

John’s guys all of a sudden got stressed out, that they were in a competition with Jesus’s guys. They said, “WAIT! Is Jesus now baptizing more people than you John?”

John had to remind them that he was not the Messiah. And that this WAS NOT a competition. He told them to imagine a wedding. He said, Jesus was like the groom and he was like the Best Man. He was so happy to stand beside Jesus. There was no room to be jealous.

That’s cool to think about.

Then John went on to talk about Jesus more. I love this line…he said, “this is the assigned moment for him to move to the center…”

Can I ask you a question?

Right now we are all at home. We are all trying to do some school and art. Probably having a lot of snacks and tv time. But, what if this VERY moment, while we are at home is another ASSIGNED TIME for Jesus to move to the center of our lives?

What does that mean for him to be IN THE CENTER?

It means he is top priority.

What can that look like in your house today?

It can look like you journaling prayers to God.

It can look like you asking Alexa to play worship music.

It can look like you coloring a picture and hanging it up to remind you of Jesus.

It can look like cleaning up and serving your parents.

It can look a million ways to put Jesus in the center.

John goes on to say that Jesus gives us a LAVISH DISTRIBUTION OF GIFTS.

When I read that to my kids, my 8 year old got really excited. But then my 12 year old told him these were spiritual gifts, not toys…and he wasn’t as excited anymore. 😂

But, maybe if I tell you about these lavish spiritual gifts you will be happier.

These gifts are wisdom, the Holy Spirit, power, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self control, faithfulness, love, joy…

Imagine them wrapped up for you. John also says that “He does not ration out the spirit in bits and pieces.”

You know how sometimes your mom only gives you one slice of cake? She rations it for you so you can be healthy.

God does not ration the gifts of his spirit. He lavishly pours a whole truckload of gifts out for you. Gifts that will get you thru times that you feel angry or sad or frustrated…especially ways you may be feeling right now stuck at home.

I’m thinking about wrapping up two boxes today to remind me that God has given me the gifts of PEACE and PATIENCE. I’m going to wrap up boxes and write those words inside so I can remember that he has given me those things.

Is there a gift from God you need today?

He’s already offered it!

You just have to open it up!

If you wrap up a box today, please send me a picture!

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