Family devotional day 4

Hey guys. How is everyone doing?

Kids, today we have a special activity for you. Put on your coat because it’s cold. And just do this for 10 minutes or less. Go get a jar, head outside, and catch the wind in the jar. Then go show your parents.

Parents, you are welcome for the 10 minutes of alone time you are now having. Get some coffee…make a Marco Polo…and wait for your kids to come back in.

Ok, now that everyone’s back…kids, could you catch it?

You couldn’t – could you? We can’t catch the wind.

Jesus loves to describe spiritual things by comparing them to things we know. Today in John chapter 3, Jesus is talking about being Born Again…but he compares it to the wind.

A very important man named Nicodemus is asking Jesus all sorts of questions. His questions really confused my kids. And me too. Do they confuse you?

Basically in a nut shell, Jesus stops all the questions by telling Nicodemus he must be “born again”. Nicodemus is super confused. He asks Jesus how in the world he’s supposed to get back in his mother’s tummy. Ha ha. I wish I’d have seen Jesus’s face when he asked this.

I bet it was like 🤦‍♀️.

Jesus tells Nicodemus to look at the wind. The wind is the invisible moving the visible.

Go look out your window. You can’t see the wind. It’s invisible. But you can see what it moves. That’s just like God. You can’t see the Spirit, but you can see what it moves. You can see how God gives peace, you can see how sometimes you might cry in worship, you can see how God directs us. I could go on and on. Jesus is telling Nicodemus that we are two parts, physical and spiritual. To be BORN AGAIN happens in your spirit. It’s asking Jesus to let you follow him and asking him to make you new and clean before God.

Sometimes we call this “accepting Jesus into your heart.” But it’s so much more than that. Being born again is asking Jesus to cover your sins. Because he was perfect and never sinned, and offered himself as a sacrifice for us. Isn’t that amazing!!!

If you want to ask Jesus to be born again today, it’s so simple. Just pray. The prayer doesn’t save you, but the turn in your heart does. Just say, “Jesus please lead my life. That you for dying for my sins so I can stand clean in front of God. I want to follow you. Lead me!”

Thats it.

So simple.

And did you know that when you are a follower of Jesus you are PROMISED eternity in heaven! That’s so exciting!

So next time you hear the wind sweeping down the plains, think of God. Think of what it means to be born again. And CELEBRATE the gift that we have been offered of eternal life!

It’s fun to think about the party we will have in heaven some day! What do you think we will do? You can send us your thoughts!!!

I think we will have a big long table of delicious food. A big dance with lots of music, and also endless displays of art to look at, that we all created in heaven while we worship God.

What are your thoughts in heaven? Thinking about heaven is a fun way to pass time, isn’t it. You can color a picture about it too! I’m sure your mom and dad would love to see that!

Have a wonderful day, friends. See you back here tomorrow!

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