How you say…Enneagram?

AD090BD6-9C46-4AC1-BEC2-7E1AF544E76DHey friends.

Who wants to talk Enneagram?  If you are unfamiliar the Enneagram is a model of human psyche that is taught around nine personality types.  I find, for me, it’s a wonderful tool for empathy as well as self reflection.  It’s helped me become more aware of my blind spots.  It’s helped me understand how my view of the world differs from others.  Honestly, it’s been life changing for me personally and in relationships.

I had the privilege this summer to talk with two of my closest friends on a podcast hosted by the beautiful and talented Heather Mcanear, at Uniquely Beautiful Stories.

Also, it just happens that blog day is coinciding with my intermittent fasting days, and all of that is making me feel very millennial.  Which, I’m 40 people, so I’m not one of you but I’m trying to be. There. Kind of. I really don’t know. Nevermind. I’m hungry.

Just Check out the podcast and shoot me your questions! Let’s talk Enneagram!





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