The Tree of Life

Our pastor today spoke about two of my VERY favorite chapters in the Bible. Revelation 21 and 22. (The new heaven and new earth.) Basically a description of eternity. What it will look like. It’s a painting with words. Beautiful. Hopeful. Certain.

I am always amazed that one day I will see this place. And, I’m more certain of that than anything in my life. I will be standing there. Not painting with words. Not painting with watercolor. But, letting my eyes take in the majesty of this place, that I get to enjoy forevermore.


So, while we were reading these glorious chapters today, my mind started to imagine. I like to hear things and not just think about them, but imagine myself there, completely. And, I get sort of lost in my brain. I know that’s strange. You might try to be kind and say that is creative, but let’s be honest…it’s strange.

Let me tell you what the Bible tells us we will see. Let yourself be strange and really get this in your mind’s eye.

The kind yet powerful voice of Jesus says, “Behold. I am making all things new.”

And, then you see it. You see and and FEEL it all at the same time. There are no tears, death is no more, there is no mourning or crying or pain, the former things have passed away. New. All things.

This new city is shining. There is no sun or moon. The glory of God blasts through the precious Gems that form a wall. A rainbow wall. The wall is made of precious stones, rubies, jasper, on and on. Each row of the wall is a color. There are rows and rows of colors, stacked one upon another. Stacks of gems. Jewels. And, the glory of God is shining through the gems. Like a rainbow blast.

You look at the gates. There are 12 gates. Giant pearls. With angels sitting on top of each. The gates will never be shut.

You see inside. The streets are made of gold. So pure, so smooth, it looks like glass.

Then, I see my favorite spot. The tree of life. From the tree of life, you can see the throne of God. The river, bright and clear as crystal flows, from the thrown of God and around this tree. This giant tree that’s leaves are “healing to the nations”. This tree bears fruit. Gives shade. Complete’s God’s full circle story from the fall of man, to the redemption, to the fulfillment.

I think about this tree a lot, and Vince has gotten his fair share of “Did I tell you about this tree??” It is one of the things I’m most excited about seeing. And, I hope you will be too.

I was thinking about all of this, AGAIN, today at church…imagining myself there…. in a canoe….with Jesus. I was sitting, and he was paddling under this giant tree. The glory of God was shining all around us. Jesus looked at me, smiling and said, “Is this what you wanted my daughter?”

I was so overcome. So overcome with joy. With peace. With what I had longed for, that I jumped up in the canoe and leapt forward to hug him, crying and saying “YES!”

Then the canoe tipped over, and we fell in the river.

We were soaked. And laughing….and so was everyone else on the bank.

Jesus tossed a fruit off the tree at me, smiling jokingly and said, “Thanks a lot Joanna!”

And, that was the beginning of eternity.

Laughter. Jokes. Jesus.

I. Can’t. Wait.

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