I am Harry Potter

So we just finished watching the last Harry Potter movie in our Christmas marathon with our oldest.  And, let me say, IT WAS AWESOME!!!! What an incredible story!

Now, I know we all have our different convictions about things as Christians. I’d like to put a little disclaimer out there, that if you don’t like Harry Potter and don’t want this story to be a part of your family, you are SO entitled to that. We have to choose what works for each of our families. And, I respect your opinion. 


For example: Reese and my conversation on the couch in between scenes.
Reese: “Mom, is Satan worser than Voldemort.”
Me: “It’s hard to believe, but yes.”
Reese: “wow. that’s really bad.”
Me: “I know. But you don’t have to be scared of him. You know the scene at the end where Voldemort is like a withered little tiny person under the bench at the train station. That’s how Satan is when we have Christ in our hearts. The power of Jesus makes him powerless. And, you have that power in you Reese.”
Reese: Smiles.

Friends, I am so tired of showing my older kid cartoons with no bad guys. Or stupid bad guys. Or even pretending evil does not exist. What a shock this world will be!!! There is horrible darkness. AND, there is good, and it’s so wonderful. It’s what life is made of.

Take Harry Potter for instance. Just a regular guy. Like you and me, and Reese. We resemble Voldemort some. Yes, we do. We have a sin nature. A dark side. That we wish didn’t exist, but it’s there. We were marked by this sin, this lightening bolt, since we were born.

But, tell you what friends, we were also CHOSEN. Special. We carry in us the ability to have grit. To be tough. To fight for good. To love others. To sacrifice. To join the light.

Harry joined the light. He fought the darkness. He sacrificed for his friends. And, had to die to defeat Voldemort. Just like we have to die to ourselves, to defeat sin and darkness in our lives. We have the true “resurrection stone” in Christ. We defeat darkness with his power, not our own strength, but the power of the stone, the TRUE CORNERSTONE – CHRIST JESUS!

Just about wanted to raise my hands in praise to the Lord as the movie ended. I am Harry Potter. And so are you.

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