Family Devotional – we have lost track of days now.

Hi everyone!

Happy Monday!

Our family devotional reading for today is John 6.

It’s one of my favorite stories: Jesus feeds the 5,000.

You may be very familiar with this story.  It’s a famous one.  We read it, and then had  a fun time imagining this story in our own personal terms.  You may want to try this too.

Here goes….

My youngest son goes to a very big elementary school.  They have over 1,000 students.  So we said this crowd was as big as his school five times.  That seems huge!

We also said, this is like Jesus seeing you and saying, “Excuse me, I need your lunch box to feed your elementary school times 5.”

He basically fed EVERYONE with one kids lunch box, and then had twelve baskets of leftovers.


No wonder all the people were trying to make him be king.

But, instead of agreeing with them, he hid from them.

I asked my kids why Jesus did this.

My oldest said, “He wasn’t here to be King, he was here to die.”


He gets it!

Jesus came to die for our sins.  He is King in heaven and will be King on earth, too, someday soon.

Miracles are amazing.  Keep praying for God to show us his miracles even today!




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