Family Devotional Day 3.

Hey there friends!

Today we are reading John 2: 1-12.

Jesus and his friends are at a wedding. It sounds really fun to go to a party right now doesn’t it. Especially when we are all stuck at home. Do you know you can have a party with your family today? You can turn on music and dance? You can eat a sweet. You can put on fancy clothes. You can do that! So, if you have a party, we’d love to see your pictures. Please share.

Now back to our story.

This story makes me laugh a little because I am a mom, and in this story Jesus’s mom, Mary, is being very bossy. Jesus understands when you have a bossy Mama. Trust me. He does.

At the party, the host had run out of wine. And today that would be worse than running out of wedding cake. It was super embarrassing. Mary wanted Jesus to fix it. Jesus said, “is this any of our business mother? Yours or mine? This isn’t my time. Don’t push me.”

And do you know what Mary did after all that? It says “She want ahead anyway…”.

Oh Mary.

Now there were 6 GIANT jars of water. The Jewish people had certain ways they had to wash their hands. Even more complicated than we are having to do now to protect ourselves from the Corona virus. So the Jews had a lot of extra water at parties and at the temple for this…which was called ritual cleansing.

Anyway, Jesus did a MIRACLE, and he turned these giant jars of water into wine!

And you know the only people that saw him do that? Look closely. The only ones that saw the very first miracle of Jesus were the servants.

That sounds right in the Kingdom of God doesn’t it? Jesus tell us the first will be last, and the greatest among you is the one who serves. It seems that usually the one who serves is the one who gets to see the most amazing things of God.

Think…how can I serve my family today? Can I make my sisters bed? Can I clean up the kitchen? Can I offer to serve my family? I bet if you do, you will see some amazing things today!